About Linnean Solutions

Our mission is to build a greener future by transforming information and ideas into collective action


Drawing on years of experience in the fields of sustainability and resilience, Linnean guides companies and communities to embrace, improve, and communicate their story of environmental performance.

To accomplish this, we initiate conversations to define values and objectives. We then collect and analyze real-time data in order to close the information gap between current performance and potential achievement of goals.

Through this process, we develop actionable and economically feasible strategies and facilitate holistically integrating them into the systems of place, enhancing value through continued engagement and monitoring.



Creating tailored strategies to reduce resource consumption and prepare for the effects of climate change


Managing the communication and documentation process to enable projects to earn recognition for environmental performance


Facilitating the definition of values-based goals and strategizing for collective action with impact


Measuring environmental performance, managing certification, and guiding organizations to create stronger, more resilient communities