Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement
The Kendall Square EcoDistrict

Linnean is the Project Manager for the Kendall Square EcoDistrict in Cambridge and collaborates with multidisciplinary stakeholders to share strategies for district-wide sustainability initiatives. Linnean provided a District Assessment to the stakeholders to enable effective discussion of goals, and to establish a framework for quantifying urban sustainability improvements over time. The EcoDistrict, a public-private collaboration guided by the EcoDistricts Protocol, is currently conducting a district-wide energy study, an innovative bike parking competition, and is pursuing an internal governance structure.

Research, Reporting, and Charrette Facilitation
Improving Health in Communities Near Highways

Improving Health in Communities Near Highways by Linnean Solutions and Tufts University

The Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health (CAFEH) team, with a group of scientists at Tufts University, has worked with Linnean to publish a groundbreaking report advocating for stronger municipal regulations to protect communities near highways from ultra-fine particles - a currently unregulated health hazard associated with concentrated traffic pollution. A key element of the report was a design charrette facilitated by Linnean that educated designers on the health risks and developed strategies to reduce particulate exposure. The report has received national coverage and includes extensive public health research as well as design solutions for architects and urban planners to consider when developing near highways. Linnean continues to work with the City of Somerville towards mandating air quality performance standards into zoning regulations.

Download the full report here.

Thriving with Water - A Community Planning Process
Boston's Living with Water Competition

Thriving with Water - A Community Process in Boston by Linnean Solutions

In response to Boston’s 'Living with Water' international design competition, Linnean convened local experts in a regenerative development process to encourage municipalities and urban planners to embed social resilience principles in responses to the challenges of climate change. Linnean's call to action aims to re-focus the conversation to include community-based resilience, in addition to built environment solutions. Linnean's Thriving with Water process identifies how vulnerabilities around infrastructure can impact the people in communities and enhances communities' climate change preparations process.